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BB3 Update!

BB3 Update: Eric The Half-a-Bee.
Yea, so I missed half of this show... but my eye's in the field (thanks pam) filled me in on the fiddly-bits. It's nomination time!

Tonights show has been brought to you by good folks at Malice & Avarice*,
"we make good people do nasty things"
Serving the genome since the dawn of time, M&A. A people company.

In Brief
Subway is gonna feed 'em, Eric is still a git, and Gerry is a rip roaring wing nut. Oh, and Marcellas and Amy got their pink-slips tonight.

We have a food competition (which I missed) but ended with Subway feeding everyone lunch for the week. And then Eric steps up to the plate with his little teeny pea brain and says "I was kinda surprised, but then I wasn't surprised, because, you know, Big Brother takes good care of us." Um... no. Big Brother is fucking with your head hard core and will stop at nothing to get ratings.

The show will now slip into the Malice and Avarice phase... with much power hungry cruelty. You know, normal people stuff.

Fav Quote
Eric, dead asleep, talking clear as a bell; "At some point the peanut butter lines up. There can only one clump of peanut butter." I mean, we're watching Lisa, in bed with him, listening, and all I can think of is how those phrases work in relation to the girls wearing the peanut butter thongs in the swimsuit pageant.

Most Memorable Moment
By far and away, the most memorable moment tonight had to be Roddy giving it to Amy at the nom ceremony. Holy gods man... Tell us how you really feel why don't ya. "Amy, it's time for you to go!"

Well the girls are just fucked. Amy is up for nom and while Marcellas aptly points out that the decoy seems to always end up the one evicted, Roddy sure has it out for Amy. That would leave Chiara, Danielle and Lisa. Hello? Girls against the boys is not going to happen unless these girls suddenly develop any element of game sense. Historically, this never happens so, basically, their fucked.

Meanwhile, Gerry is roaming around tossing out poorly recalled quotable quotes from some dime store look smart in three easy lessons book. Um, "It will not come, yet it will come." Said with great fanfare... and are you as bugged by his tiny little egg shaped head as I am? Sorry, but he's really acting like a dick. If he slipped over the edge a bit and started wearing a blanket like a cape or something, I could get behind that, but as it is... he's a dick.

Josh is all over letting his ego run away with itself. I swear this guy must spend hours in the can just necking with himself. "I don’t know if he’s going to for what I suggested, but it's brilliant!! BRILLIANT I TELL YOU!" Ok, I'm embellishing a bit. Ok, I'm not. He really is that creepy. This was him talking to Amy (a marked woman!) about his pathetic talk with Roddy while Roddy is eating, about what Roddy should do while Roddy is head-boy and oh, wait... You're Josh, not Roddy. Why don't you shut that whiny sniveling snog you got there Joshy and go get fetal the shower stall.

Now Roddy... The guy that brought an entire suitcase of Hockey jerseys, is all nasty during the nomination deal, giving Josh the egomaniac his "you are safe" nod first... (Josh was visibly relieved) and goes on to nominate Amy and Marcellas, saying that Marcellas was a decoy because he (Roddy) wanted to ensure that Amy is sent home and turns to Amy saying "It's time for Amy to go." Every fiber of my being is screaming that there is no way this will work out for him.

Lets just review real quick;
Josh - egotistical psycho with maniacal tendencies (MALICE)
Gerry - completely off his nut.
Roddy - bathing in the power (AVARICE)
Eric - a lump of concrete would get better SAT scores.
Marcellas - wants to make whoopee with Roddy
Arnold Shapiro - wants us to think Roddy is making whoopee with Chiara
Lisa - tick tick tick...
Chiara - she's actually an animated character... not a human girl at all.
Danielle - plot plot plot
Amy - Can you see her in a red leather dom outfit, swwwwwwwacking a paddle on some guys naked ass?

Um... Lisa and Eric, Chiara and Roddy... but that's just fluid exchanging... NONE of these people like each other.

Pronunciation: 'ma-l&s
: desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another

Pronunciation: 'a-v&-r&s, 'av-r&s
: excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain

(d'ya like how I slipped the nominee’s initials into the top bit?)

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