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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: There's a lesson here!

Hmm... so I got caught up with the TV bits of BB3, and it seems that the people - loose interpretation of the word - that play these games refuse to learn. A "pawn" gets rooked, nobody wants the king and a queen loses his gambit.... er, ok, I'll stop the chess analogy. But seriously, how lame is this going to get?

Just the facts:
Danielle wins veto power, but doesn't use it, even though she gets everyone thinking she'll rescue Tonya to end up with Gerry versus Josh.
Tonya has an outburst (no pun intended - well, ok, pun intended) and laughably calls Amy fake. Then, gets the nod to be second out of the house.

In Brief
The Veto Show
Quote city with Macy-Gray, and Mr. Never-Let-'em-See-You-Sweat gets drenched. They play up the romance angle with Roddy-throws-like-a-bitch and Chiara while painting a picture of the Southern-Bell as a gong-show-tramp. Nobody actually wants to get the veto thing but Danielle does anyways and does... nothing.
The Live Show
Lizard Boy (Eric, who is always playing with the lizard) is as dumb as a post, and Tonya yells "I'm not someone to screw with..." Um, five kids? apparently you are someone to screw with. The best laid plans of Queen-for-a-day Marcellas (head-girl) to put cone-girl (Tonya) up against Dr. Evil (Josh) to get rid of Josh kinda works in reverse and it just goes to show you... it does not pay to be on a reality TV show with big boobs. In fact, she gets tossed by the house-mats and Roddy gets the head-boy job for a week.

Fav Quote
Ok, look, I dunno about all-y'all but these shows were just quote city;
~ Gerry gives Marcellas oral; "You were so eloquent." and "You were very butch." (I was chocking back the bile!)
~ Marcellas on Tonya; "ultimately, she has the heart of a hoe". See, he never liked booby girl anyways, so putting her up against Josh was a win-win game for him.
~ Josh on his strategy; "Never let 'em see you sweat." And then he goes on to sweat all over everybody... can you say "tool"?
~ Marcellas on letting the girls use his 'lectric clippers on Josh; "I allowed that hairy man beast to use my clippers!" Marcellas is a germ phobic freak.
~ Roddy to Amy; "would you get naked and lay on the lazy-susan... go get your heels and ... come on." He's playing Chiara's jealousy.
~ Tonay on Amy; "She's so fake"... this from the walking implant.
~ Marcellas on Roddy during the human bowling game; "One of the biggest boys in the house tosses like a bitch."
~ Eric (revealing his simple mind); "Lisa tells me that when the girls get together they don't talk about the game and I believe her." oh my god... What does he think they talk about? Perhaps when the next time they can have a pillow fight in their underwear? Please, someone get this abdominal muscle a brain.

Most Memorable Moment
It's a toss up!
It's all about symbolism... at least for someone in the editing room. We get a view of the two lizards circling one another in an aggressive manner as we listen to Josh saying "I trust Roddy..."
Tonya cracks under the nomination pressure and lets some of her true colours come out when she gets all steamed at nothing and verbally attacks Amy ... this is where she out's with the "I'm not someone to fuck with..." and you already know my feelings on that line.
We get a few moments with the pink-slip holders families before the eviction is announced and are treated to a moment with Tonya's boyfriend saying what a wholesome girl she is... It's always fun to see a man with the wool so completely covering his face.

The Games
Veto: the lamest game ever to get on a reality tv show... they kids all get these boxes, one of which has the veto necklace, and they make each other "offers they cannot refuse"... sort of a barter game... to get all the boxes, thereby ensuring you win the veto power. It degenerates into the house-mats actually making each other offers to take their box off their hands... seeing as no one actually wants to win the veto power. The veto deal is only going to be good when the players get nasty... say in another two weeks.

America's Choice: The viewing audience selects "human bowling" as a game... the winner of which gets to select what new exercise equipment the house-mats will be given. The ball the players have to get in looks positively painful. Danielle wins and elects to get an "Elliptical Silent Treadmill"... as Marcellas observes, riding this thing makes you look like the Six Million Dollar Man running....

HoH: a trivia game that a majority of them win so it becomes a simple "The Price Is Right" guess thing about the combined weight of all the house-mats... Roddy wins with a "close without going over" guess and is stuck with the dubious distinction of having to make the noms tonight.

Well the "boys against the girls" deal is fading away as the girls keep getting tossed. The worst part is that we are going to be subjected to Josh's unbelievably irritating voice for at least another week. Roddy comments that keeping Josh is good, because he'll be nominated over and over again and therefore use up one of the spots in the nomination pool... unfortunately he (Roddy) ends up winning the Head-Boy crown and it's not likely that he'll nominate Josh... but we'll find out tonight.

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