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Mostly harmless


It's Saturday right? hmm... it's nice to be home but boy did we have a good time... I'm making up a quick picture album (al la the "a day in my life" format) but for now... go to this entry in Z's journal to read her trip review... (with pictures!).

Note to self: cheap ass motels use really special lenses when taking web site photographs...

~ more tan than I ever normally have ... and it will fall off in a couple of days...
~ 3WV T-shirt... and thinking about my pall Kym
~ some hains bb's
~ well that picture album...
~ play with kids...
~ oh, and write a bb3 update... hahaha... I watched 3 hours of reality tv last night to get caught up... when will the players of those games realize that nothing ever ever ever works out the way they plan?
~ um... a shower sounds kinda good too...
~ and I never did finish the last of that deck washing deal with the power sprayer.
~ the very best of congratulations to my friends Tess (geekgrrrl) and Catherine (catherine) on the arrival of their lil babies (both boys, btw). Aydan for Tess and Connor for Cath...

So we were up a tad bit late last night... but the boys don't care 'bout that... so I'm off to make a late breakfast for them and more coffee for me... see you soon.

(ps. I really missed you guys! :D)
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