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Well, let's see. we have these little black satin batman capes that the kiddies wear around... it's cute. Ed is treating his with Linus like affection. Just dried off from the bath, his little naked self goes sprinting down the hall and grabs his cape, puts it on AND STOPS. He's just standing there...rubbing the satin of the cape over his little tummy and chest. "Hey daddy ... this feels really really really good. I like my cape on my tummy" ... I've been chasing after him with a diaper and pj's. Zebra is coming out of a bedroom and I say - more to her for the humor of it - "Well my little Ed, maybe you'll be a cross dresser." Man, this was yesterday. We are now officially getting sick of hearing Ed tell everybody that cares to listen that "I'm gonna be a cross dresser!!!" (That'll learn me!)
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