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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Princess Diaries

Every princess has her ... um .. his day. This show was all about payback, bulimia, kissing black ass, peanut butter porno and love-in-all-the-wrong-places.

In Brief
Josh is suffering in so many ways, it's just wonderful. Gerry has sleep apnea and the required sleeping mask is fodder for jokes. Little Miss Majorette Arkansas runs a pageant, there’s a food competition and Her Royal Hieny-ass Marcellas picks his pink-slips. Oh the losers of the food competition have to eat PB&J for a week, and if the pageant is any indication of how to serve PB , you can bet the boys will be eating well.

Now that Marcellas is the head-girl, um boy, (as Danielle explains) "Josh is about to pee his pants." He thinks his only saving grace would be to be put up against Gerry but he doesn't get his wish. However, we are treated to a scene of him just fucking begging Marcellas for this... he even puts on a choked up voice for this effort but it's prol'y just him trying to swallow the crow he's having rammed down his whiney throat.

Amy decides to run a Miss and Mr. BB3 pageant and while the boys are easy with the gonad covering bathing suit designs the girls attempt to wear lil'flower tops and cover their beavers with PB ... which begins to melt (d'uh) to much applause by the boys.

A food competition that has to have been designed by the binge and purge expert (Julie "the stick" Chen) involves breaking into two teams and trying to gain the most cumulative weight by chowing down on this house made of brownies with their hands tied behind their backs. Josh, in typical style, attempts to cheat, is caught, and while his team still wins, he is now the object of much derision and mistrust. The losing team has to eat PB&J all week and there will most likely be plenty of jokes about the PB bikini team. :D

Marcellas shines for more reasons than the baby oil he slathers himself in when he holds the wolves at bay and makes excellent game-on choices for the nominations. He picks Josh and Tonya, noting to Tonya that "somebody has to be the pawn.". Now if the rumors of her leaking implants are correct, this plan may backfire.

Best Quote
Amy, in the weigh-in portion of the food competition, comments "I weighed less than everybody in the house, so that made me feel good"... gee do you think there’s any eating disorder background to this girl?

Most Memorable Moment
Endimol Entertainment is once again playing up the notion of a love interest and we get some moments of Chiara and Roddy in the sack being all sweetness and light. Ignoring live feed screen caps that show Lisa and Eric locked in a beddy-by embrace, the Chiara and Rod thing is cute... He says to her; "When you meet my parents, you can't tell them you're Italian. You have to make something up. Tell them you're from Denmark." (anyone remember the crack about "eat me, I'm Danish"??)

Tear Patrol
Watching Josh try to be weepy when he's begging Marcellas to put Gerry up for nomination with him was almost painful. Nuf said.

Lisa reveals that she is a bigot, assuming the worst about Marcellas "oh, I know his type and he'll wanna say 'pay back is a bitch'." (nope, but you are.)
Danielle is pure entertainment.

Eric has the personality and intellect of an 8 year old...
Gerry is a nut bar and his darth-vader mask / snoring is going to be the death of him.
Josh? Calls Marcellas and Gerry "spineless bitches".... hahahaha... what a tard. Did you see his bubbling chest in the show? It was hard to tell but from live feed stuff I’ve read... he is suffering horribly from his decision to let the girls shave his chest...

Marcellas is on the ball. What else is there to say?

Note: Sleep Apnea is a serious issue for a lot of people and the heartless bastards on this show revel in any chance to make fun of each other especially Gerry. I mean, it’s silly look’en and all... but I just wanted to say that I can grok sleep apnea and my heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with it... (except Gerry the big gonad). :D
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