Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

almost "after noon"

Well I slept in till after 10... wohoo... um, we both did. The kids were all over computer games and nintendo while their parents slept... It's been 6 years since this kind of sleep in was possible so colour me one happy corto. :D

~ black flts...
~ today is my I-love-lydia Orange shirt day
~ shorts
~ to power spray the deck (I borrowed this honk'en power sprayer from a friend...)
~ get some plans under way for the trip this week...
~ try to entertain his royal-pain-in-the-ass (sorry) George in some way... (he's being really off putting this weekend)... I'm sure it's gonna pass and maybe it's a stage... but sheesh.
~ to review a cache of pictures we have from this weekend...
~ I find time to catch up - even a little - with LJ... We passed out on the sofa last night after watching the bb3 tape and wrote off the whole night... but the sleep and snuggle was sooo worth it. :D

See ya and have a grand Sunday.
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