Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


blech... my body is still reacting to migraine meds... but it'll pass. The head ache has been banished (it seems) thanks to a little tlc and a comfy bed... but I'll spare ya the details... (looks up and whistles like nothing special happened... lol) (ancient medicine is always the best medicine).

~ morning sweats...
~ a layer of something relatively evil over my eyes, tongue and teeth
~ shower... definitely a shower
~ shave...
~ normal clothes?
~ butterfly release?
~ bowling with the family?
~ that the really great vibe ripping around lj hangs in for a while. :D
~ I knew what was in missilv's head... 'cause she's kinda SUPER special and it seems like somethings amiss. :( (Peace out sugar).
~ that my friend teaser's BIL is ok... gosh that dog attack just sounds horrendous. I cannot imagine...

Now... kitchen is clean, kids are fed but they are sooooo not gonna let me play on the computer, even though I'm in this semi conscious condition so I gotta git.
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