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Ok, I'm listening to dido again and of course, I am unbelievabley overcome with emotion. I want to spend like an entire day just typing into my journal. But I remain wrapped and slapped by the volume of work that needs doing.

Couple of quick points:
Lakme - (and anybody else that cares to listen) This place is significantly more real than most places you find yourself these days. I agonize over trying to figure out how to 'splain LJ to someone that is not here or does not get it... without sounding like a zelot. I'm here for you Lakme and I'm real. If I worry about an LJ friend it's real, it's genuin and if I can do anything for them... I'm there! period.

Kath: hold hands with people that love you ... and do it now. do it lots. and just in case your alone or something, consider my non-corporial form floating near by holding your hand and doing a dam good job of it. K?

I got a couple of kick ass recipies to lay on ya. Ones for "I got a few things kicken in the fridge... what can I make that's awsome for dinner" and the other is a major top secret hungarian christmas pastry cookie thing that will knock your sox off.... but they'll have to wait a bit.

Peace... you guys and I could go on for a page or two about how great you are for my soul. Thank you from the tips of my toes and the bottom of my heart.

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