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a little worried here...

Ok, really fantastic day is drawing to a close. My boss and team left me alone to get some stuff done that seriously needed doing. I didn't smoke for another day! Although I've had three whole packages of that gum stuff today! lol, no, just kidding. but I am looking forward to getting my hands on a piece when I start getting all stressed about something... so I've got to make sure that doesn't get out of control (I've had like 12 pieces in 21 days... I'm thinking I'm not hooked yet.)
So, where was I... Oh yea I got to do this thing, person to person in real time to an LJ friend - no recorded voices, actual asynchronous communication... Remember that? They used to call it talking... but I'm not sure what you call it these days. Any ways, it was nice to hear Lizvang's voice... she has a pretty voice.* I want you to know that the "*" back there was right were I won a battle with my sarcasm demons. I was sooo ready to say all this silly stuff 'bout liz's voice in an expression of deep sarcasm but, you see, that's where misunderstanding starts and well... basically, I just whimped out. So, I'm sticking with 'pretty voice' 'cause it's so true and taking note that Liz will have to be the object of sarcasm later... (ok?)
Um, I checked the mail... get this! I received my third - THIRD - pay equity payment from this settlement deal in Canada between the gov and the public service. It seems that a segment of the work force (yes this is a rant!) was made to suffer the indignity of inequity in pay. Women, have I mentioned that it is women that were paid unequally for work of equal value... Ok, so the idea is that job classifications for jobs typically held by woman (Secretaries, Clerks) had pay scales set by evil men intent on underpaying women that had these jobs... so what these men did, was under pay everybody that held a job with those classifications, therefore ensuring they stuck it to all women. So, in order to ensure that the women who were paid unequally, every human that held a gov job with one of those classifications (The vast majority of public servants are clerks) at any time over the past seven hundred and thirty five years!!! (or something) is due an amount of compensation... So I've already - did I mention that I was a guy... a guy here. Ok, back to the story - I've already received two payments... I think this is my last... it's all itemized on the check stubb. This cash is INTEREST on the money they have previously paid me ... interest accrued since the time it should have been paid to me... like, the early 1990's. If it wasn't soooo sad it would truly be one of the funniest things in the entire universe... Bottom Line: money from on high ... woohoo.
Ok, so I've had a bitch of time getting to LJ today... no time at work, managed to read some posts earlier, then LJ died... then it came back then I watched Ally McBoneLady (more later) and now I'm actually posting... thing is, I read something that really zoned me down and when I post this I'm off to find out if there is more info out there.. I want soo much for one of my friends to be happy or at least - the very least - even.... and she posted a note about things being screwed up.
Later LJ. Time to read.
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