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Hmm... so what’s so hard about sending me a note? It’s right there in the bio. I’m all for the friends I meet in lj... yo! Word’em up and write me if you want to be added back. If not... cooo (lazy cool) and enjoy.

Um... that being said, I just gotta shoot a big "hi how are ya?" to a friend that I’ve (blush) been reading for ages and never added but now? (does a happy dance) Hiya designdiva... I guess it was time to class it up a bit around here. :D

~ black ftl’s, blue jeans (b.u.m.) and another company golf shirt (black this time)
~ comfy koss headphones and a layer of Elvis reminding me that I really wanna be a Flying Elvis before I die. Maybe one of my Vegas buddies can hook a boy up? lol
~ to write up a quick bb3 update... they toss someone tonight... (please let it be the church lady)
~ still cranking out solaris install’s but adding Oracle 9i to ‘em. Susan? Are you around today? If I have a problem with drive slice formatting... I might wanna ask ya a question (shakes head in shame at forgetting stuff)
~ being logged into yahoo all day with the cam on... (cortitto)
~ I could send a truck ... a big truck ... loaded to the hilt with flowers ... love and hugs to my buddy alma_perdida. Then I’d sneak up on her and tie her up... get out a feather and tickle her till there are tears streaming. Then take a whole bunch of pictures of her tied up and crying... put her on a milk carton, establish a charity for her and then use the money to buy her nice stuff! Why? Just ‘cause she’s been a friend for so long and such a wonderful friend that she deserves "nice stuff"... the tied up and tickled part was just for my enjoyment. :D

That kid in the car accident yesterday that closed the auto route... he was 16 joyriding with four friends in his "borrowed parents car". No license. He died. Jezzus. I remember taking my parents big honk’en T-Bird and driving when they were away and I was 15... At least I could freaking drive the fucking speed limit. What a waste.

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