Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

i wish...

She has a brand new baby to care for... and a little girl that most likely is doing her very best to make sure mom doesn't forget about her (been there... lived that).

She has been a friend for almost two years in journal land and in that time I have felt the warmth of her thoughts as I struggled with ridiculous issues or painful efforts in live, love and work.

With the vast sea of friendships that I have made in the Lj living novel, I have found myself sharing a majority of her friends and have been a witness to so much goodwill and kindness.

It just is not possible to do anything but let my heart carry a love for her that is framed with admiration, appreciation and the peaceful embrace of friendship.

Amy (topazgrrl) you are a wonderful mom, a sweet woman and a precious friend.

Make all the wishes you want... but I'll just make one.
May you find the strength to see yourself as I do.

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