Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hump day... uh huh...

So I didn't have a chance to snap a "new picture" today... but this one kinda conveys the message my attitude is made of this morning.

Today is one of those "idiot weather report" days... it's going to be hot, going up to 32 but with the humidex it will feel like 40 (so why the f$%# don't you just say it's going to be 40??)

Some kid rolled his daddies car on the auto route early this morning putting 5 teenagers in the hospital with life-threatening injuries... drinking will no doubt be an issue... and the auto route was closed for a goodly stretch of road... major detours today.

That White Stipe song "fell in love with the girl" is definitely my song of the moment right now...

~ gray ftl, blue jeans and a white golf shirt.
~ installing two solaris boxes and building OFA environments on 'em.
~ watching BB3 tonight...
~ too much I guess.

The week of lakme love continues... as I remember and remind you that babys-got-butt. And if you don't mind me having an inside joke... I'll leave it at that.

Old Milwaki beer is running this butt stupid advertisement on the radio lately that starts with a moving comment about how the as yet unnamed company feels your pain if you are a) in the middle of a painful, financially crippling divorce or b) between jobs and can't make ends meet, then goes on to say they've reduced the price of their 2-4 by 6$. What a fucking ass-hole advertisement. Dude... ya think maybe over drinking or living on a sofa with a beer contributed to being in that situation?

Last Night On The Mole
So they tossed Bribbs last night... I was talking the big talk half way through the show that he would be the one to go. For me, he seemed the very least likely player to be "the mole.

This leaves Bill - the popular fav, Heather - the girl with the shifty eyes, Al - the last dork on the show, and Dorothy - the asian girl with the totally hunched look that's always SCREWING UP the games (and, btw, she has amazingly beautiful lips... but I'm odd that way. :D)

It has just got to be Dorothy... she is such a tard.

And I just can't believe that Heather lost twice in that hunter/hunted game. That looks like such a cool game to play and did you totally dig that town? Wow.
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