Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en lj

(the face of a boy in a rush)
Day 2 of the lakme Love Fest...
Oh yeah... he's the smart boy... up early (bed at 1:47 btw) and mr. ready in no time at all... managed to get a bagel into Geo's Camper Lunch and a bowl of cereal in front of him before I started the high-test road warrior deal to get to work for 8:03... printed up 15 copies of my presentation and blew for the board room... to be relatively on-time for the "every two weeks" meeting... which has been postponed until next week. go me!

~ gray ftls
~ pale green / beige dress pants
~ the nip shirt ... dk green micro fiber thingy...
~ a whole lotta lakme love'en ... again.
~ to watch The Mole II tonight...
~ a birthday wish ... yahuh...
~ to go back to a clothing store on my way home from work and exchange summ'en. :D
~ several patient trips to the little boys room... acknowledging the least desirable aspect of having an outrageously hot and spicy meal for dinner last night... can you say "ring of fire"??
~ you could see dippy look on my face... (see introductory para above!)

You know when you gargle with something like "scope" or whatever you make all those bubbles that froth up as you tip your head back... ultimately making you need to tip your head back at the sink and do the big spit? If you stick your finger in your mouth when your head is up you'll burst all those bubbles and get more gargl'en done... yup, ya heard it here first.

Love Fest?
You may wonder what the hell this is all about... and rightly so. Suzanne, the Queen of Scream, The Dom With The Biggest Whip, The lakme With The LickMe Tattoo, is my superhero of the moment. I'd have written her name across my chest in lipstick for the morning picture if I wasn't in such a rush (see opening para!). What makes her so wonderful? Besides being a stunningly beautiful woman(a pic with Z when we were in Toronto), with a remarkable wardrobe, she is a dear and most treasured friend. And besides, she knows how to spank with gusto...

suspects</i> - Dorothy, Heather, and Bill. Now there's evidence to say my first choice should be Bill but my gut says Dorothy... and you gotta go with your gut. Now... because I'm into all these shows, there is a marked decrease in the disdain I feel for any of the Mole players now that BB3 has started (that show is just one little terrarium well stocked with the lowest forms of human life imaginable).

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