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G'morn'en Lj.

Hmm... someone's on my mind. I stumbled and "fell up" the stairs at work... spazz. Spending too much time thinking about this pair of cheeks that live in St. Catherines, Ontario. Little cakes of butter keep popping to mind. You know, the kind you get with a bun in a restaurant... I can see it melting slowing, with little rivulets of heated butter dripping around the soft shell of a bun, wanting to reach over and grab it. Lift it up... lick the butter off and taste the salty warmth drift over my tongue. The anticipation of taking a big bite of the buttered bun just driving me crazy.

~ gray ftl's..
~ black treacle (kind of a so-dark-green-they're-black) brushed cotton jeans.
~ black and white company golf shirt.
~ a layer of lakme love covering my body
~ to spend too much time thnking about lakme...
~ to dote on lakme
~ on making sure babyfatz is still talking to me after all this lakme lov'en.
~ reading some bb3 live feed transcripts
~ to consume this hot buttered blueberry muffin.
~ I could afford to have the bb3 live feeds and had the time to actually look at them.
~ I was a corto sammich between my two fav suzannes... (that's a lakme ref for the unwashed among you)

Can't Think Of Anything To Do
My Left Brain Knows That
All Love Is Fleeting
She's Just Looking For Something New
And I said It Once Before
But It Bares Repeating Now

:: The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl ::
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