Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yup, I'm awake... sorta...

It was a great night for sleeping... I just kinda didn't spend a whole bunch of it (the night) actually in bed... Did you see this? (Dave, inspectorjury, just cracks me up...)

~ ... er... um...
~ I actually have homework today... I have to have a report on that big proposal off to a boss before tonight...
~ um... a shower needs to be in there somewhere.
~ stuff for Z's b-day... :)
~ I could take Z on a giant european vacation for three weeks as a b-day prezzi... but alas...
~ I had a magic wand... oh how I could use a really good magic wand...
~ to send out the ever lov'en vibes of faith and good friendship to my Burbank Bowl of Sugar as she takes new steps in her life.
~ and wishing for all the pain and misery of a rotten cold to run away from my buddy Kym... (nbbmom)... who really needs to be a healthy girl and get hug time with her little Nicky.

Ok... time to check mail and make a late breakfast for the kiddies... see ya.
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