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BB3 Update!!

It's all about the cheese baybeee.... cheese!

You watching? you seeing this? I would frick'en love it if eight hundred ingrown hairs peppered Josh's chest... Did you notice his total lack of chest hair following the explanation of the Big Ass Veto deal?

Amy? "Pounds of cheese per week" ?? Ya huh... sure.

In Brief
Josh aka the Prince, thinks he is lord god boo in all his self-important glory. And the girls are starting to plot. Egg toss competition for food items and Amy is hard-core all-about-the-cheese. Roddy has been revealed to be the lovable dork, and the siren song of girls on crack gets to work on pretty boy virgin (Jason). Gerry gets to be the first "veto god" and everybody has a freak attack.

Now my cable provider fucked up the audio so I missed something the girls were laughing with Marcellas about right before they announced the veto deal so if you know what that was... please include it as a comment! :D

Tonight’s show was all about prepping us for the "veto" thing by showing us all the house-mats plotting and committing to things. They throw in a food challenge where they got to pick items they crave. All Amy asked for was cheese, commenting "I eat a pound of cheese every week". So I'm figuring she must be a binge/purge expert.

To get the food, they have to toss eggs over a high wall that are safely caught. Boys toss to girls and girls toss to boys. Of course, bikini's and Jams are required fashions for this. They sucked... they got a fraction of the food. They got cheese though... and when they played a trick on Amy, hiding the cheese... she looked like she was going to lose it. She would look perfectly at home holding a butcher knife over her head... I'm just saying.

Anyways, they get past this. We get a moment developing the love zone between Chiara and Roddy. He’s in bed telling her how great he thinks she is... he has already fallen off that cliff. She (Chiara) is a tramp... evidence to follow.

Now, the veto. They add this twist to the game tonight by establishing this veto medallion thing. The mats compete for the medallion. If you get the medallion, you can veto one of the nominations... in which case the head boy or girl will have to hand out a new pink slip. If a nominee gets it, they cannot veto themselves but they can save the other pink slip holder.

Gerry wins the veto deal. He has his say on Wednesday.

Most Memorable Moment
It's always nice to watch someone's ego start writing checks their ass can't cash, and so it goes with Josh. For my money, his dance card is going to run thin and he will lose. Tonight we get a moment of his ego bursting... "I allied with Jason because I think he wants to be like me and I can work that to my advantage." Yeah, right. Jason appears to be naive but that could be the editing... I doubt it though. He does, however, not appear to be at all as Josh thinks.

Tear Patrol
Nope... not yet.

Ok, this is a direct quote from the live feed transcripts on Thursday, July 11 around 11:43 at night:
"... Chiara, Tonya and Lori were in the double bed with Eric on the other bed and Jason sitting on a chair in the room. Chiara was trying to seduce Jason and she was standing on the bed suggestively offering herself to Jason and saying he could have a free ride on the train to slutsville."

Lori is a fast friend with Marcellas now and he with her... their nominations bring them together. She hops out of bed avoiding an Eric sammich with Chiara and is replaced with Marcellas... the boys made a Chiara sammich instead.

Danielle is totally psyching on the realization that nobody has talked to her at all about alliances or plans... er... talk about being on the outside. Get a clue Danny. Oh, and Tonya... is still laying low.

Marcellas is outted - big frick'en surprise...

I just can't believe what a dick Josh is. He just thinks he's running things and the other mats are soooo going to get sick of him... unless he pulls a horse shoe out of his ass... which, in the end would make for more good tv... his kind of character just adds spice. He tends towards the insane levels of "dramatic". While getting flustered about how goofy the requests were during the "pick your food items" moment... he was all curled fetal like and being obnoxious. Another brick in the wall, as they say.

Eric is working love god angles, and I mean... look at this guy... it's gonna work so long as he's not a jerk.

So we got Roddy in puppy dog mode at Chiara's heals, Eric figuring to make the whole experience wacking material for the next 5 years and Marcellas and his giant ears (go back and look) staring at Eric all the time with hungry eyes...

Now Gerry is what I call a panty wipe... He's sucking up to the girls... sucking up to the boys... hell, he'll prol'y blow Marcellas before the games done. And he wins the Veto power therefore painting a big honking target on his little bitty round head. If he uses it to save Marcellas, the whole alliance deal is well and truly fucked.

And then the power brokers will try to fry Gerry... but I'm saying right now... it's boys against the girls... and the girls have more moxy. Boys angry at boys is good business for the girls.

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