Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


g'day eh...

The boys let me sleep till 9:00 ... that rocks btw. Now the pancakes are all cleaned up and it's about time for me to take a shower... (the awesome powers of nintendo will hold the kiddies in a trance while I go from "sorta" to "fully" awake)

~ um... morning sweats...
~ shower, shave and dress...
~ shopping for some sort of an exercise device for Z's bday prezzi...
~ watching BB3 tonight...
~ I could afford the live feeds... :) (bb3 thing)
~ that there was some really helpful and wonderful good thing I could say or do for my friend ladyfire... she's a girl in need of a brand new bag of good breaks.
~ to congratulate my friend kristylicious on her new web site (
~ to wish a happy birthday to the absent litswd... a lisa that's been on the road since June 13... but I bet she'll be back!!
~ that the little and big pains that seem to be crawling all over my pal nbbmom find their way to someone else... she needs some good vibes...
~ and to say a big hiya to jenthestar... a young woman out in the desert who needs something... not sure what... but ... but... regardless, she is a wonderful friend. :D

Now this is almost a 3 meg file... so slow dial-up should avoid... but it's a mini wmv... windows media player video of what I do about 5 times a night while I'm at the computer... it's called coffee break... (and it's just me playing around with the video tech I have to goof with...sorry, no corto porno on this one. :D)

Ok... time to get busy... see ya.
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