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word'em up homies... :D

(and the normal website friday picture is right here!
Dear god gimmi a flame thrower... some butt head is dragging a fucking house down the auto route and tying up traffic for freaking miles and miles and miles... gaaaaah! Needless to say, I'm starting the day a bit late.

Ps. Yo! Toronto...? Pick that up.

~ green hanes bb's. (ok, and to set the record straight... lets review;
ftl's" and "hanes bb's" (can you see the little words on the rims?)
~ b.u.m. equip jeans...
~ my prized T-Shirt... a 3WV Morning Show Tshirt (from my amazatron sugar shack lost in Charlottesville) nbbmom.
~ a denim shirt open over that... it's a bit chill this morning.
~ yep... dem shoes.
~ to read about 200 pages of a technical proposal from a very "dreaming" government shop...
~ to read a billion pages of BB3 Live Feed transcriptions.
~ to leave my yahoo cam on all day (I'm cortitto on yahoo)
~ to post another mini BB3 Update.
~ Well I'm still wishing I had a flame thrower for that dick wad on the highway... grrrrrr...
~ that I finish some work early so I can catch up on Lj... I'm just freaking days and days behind... (it's hopeless btw, so if you think I really oughta see som'thin, point me at it would ya? Come on...


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