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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: oh god... Julie freakin Chen, all over again!

I'd almost forgotten. The anorexic game show host "slash" journalist (julie) is gonna walk us through another 10 weeks of USWF* head fucking. The body-fat'less dozen house-mats are a prototypical assortment of cheese, cheesecake and beefcake. We got a lispth, loads of attitude, some booty, and some very serious white trash.**

This will be fun!

*USWF: Unrealistic Stereotyped White Folk (with the requisite token blacks)

**I admit it... I'm in it for the massive diss'en potential hard core.

Note: I have no idea how many updates I'll be able to do... but for sure they're gonna be shot... and no way they are not going to be evil. This show serves one purpose for me and that's to get my kicks diss'en the house mats. I'll use foul language and I'll be insulting. I'll always use a cut-tag to let you make the conscious decision to read this or not.

In Brief
Julie Chen was obviously released from the Mary Carpenter Clinic to stand stick like before the cameras and introduce us to the house-mats. I'm not gonna (intro them)... check the bb3 web site for bio's.
The gang gets to enter the house in groups of four thereby scoring decreasingly adequate sleeping arrangements ending with the religious guy (Jason) sleeping on a wooden plank (loser).
They compete for food with a "how long can you hold yer pee" deal that earns us the chance to see the black dude all lispth'ing around being pissy about not winning... Then they have to crap on each other (figuratively, it involved revealing first impressions) to select a head boy or head girl. The skinny hoe-biscuit bartender chick (Lisa) with the Mary Tyler Moore tennis ball big mouth got the node this week.

Most Memorable Moment
Has got to be when Brucio (not his name -it's Marcellas, the black, flaming hair stylist dude... anybody ever hear the bit about not trusting a bald hair dresser?) got mad and went to bed early ON THE FIRST NIGHT after is partner elected to lose the endurance challenge.

Tear Patrol
Nothing special here yet... but there's some grand potential in the Italian girl (Chiara) for an endless supply of salty dripp'en.

Elli-May (Lori), the 'average' girl from Wisconsin, drools like a some bitch... or so her bed partner reports... :)
The girls all talk big talk of kick'en butt so (i.e. Amy - lil'miss tough southern girl), seeing as the guys are mostly beefcake, I'm thinking the kick'en will be fun.
Watch for CBS to drive themselves crazy trying to avoid too much camera time with Tonya... the mother of 5 with the store bought boobies...

Yo Josh! Word 'em Up Homeslice... he's all about how this is "his game" and he will "dominate" everyone... there's one in every crowd. He even lied out of the starting blocks about being a part-time teacher. ;D
Gerry is the old guy and he's going to be a player. He just looks smart.
Eric the firefighter (Hi Amy!) is a Mark Wahlberg look alike and he always creeps me out...

The first six "out of the tree" (losing the endurance test) tried to ally on the issue of tossing the black guy first... We'll see how that works out.

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