Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

big giant gasping sigh of whew!

Sunday... ahhhhh My day to sleep in. I woke up at 10:00 and had to boogie to get Geo to a Kiddies birthday party at this place called Star Gym by 11:00. Big freaking well equipped padded gym deal with kiddie party rooms.

Home to collect Z and Ed and off to shop!! Ok, I admit it, but I could shop for shoes for ever - as long as nobody was with me... I hate to rush it. So, I went to Globo and Z took Ed to IKEA. Um, is IKEA everywhere? It must be. Any ways it can be a freaking zoo.

I bought boots, shoes and runners... then returned the boots, and exchanged the runners! I tried on some seriously big-ass smokey burgundy shit kicking boots... you know... yellow stitching... but they were knock offs and felt like giant plastic blocks on my feet. So, groovy blue FILA leisures and a pair of hush puppies (gotta love the name) for work.

Zebra bought nothing... lil Ed slammed his finger in something and shopping got cut short... so we collected Geo from the party all hopped up on sugar bombs and took the bunch of ourselves to Bayshore (monster enclosed mall) and HOLY CRAP I HATE GOING TO MALLS WITH THE FAMILY. Bought a winter coat for Ed... and got our asses out of there.

So, here I sit, kids eating veggie snacks, Z sleeping (nap time for mommy) and wondering what to do about dinner... I'm thinking Chinese take-out.

Watched a movie called Drowning Mona. There were quite a few stars in this B flick and it was a great B MOVIE. No big time feature but still-and-all I enjoyed the goofyness of it. Bette Midler can play trailer trash real well.

Speaking of trailer trash, did anybody else see Christina Imagorilla (sp? haX4) on SNL last night? We saw maybe two minutes of what was introduced as "And now here she is again..." so it must have been her second song. There was maybe just enough room in the garbage bag she had stretched around her legs to hold the key to the trailer. No seriously, what the hell is with her clothes... put her in a pair of jeans, unbuttoned, with the waist band rolled down (aka Liz Phar) and a cute top on her and she'd be cute, but man she looked like a train wreck. (blekch!)

later... time enough to try and catch up a bit on the friends... Your updates from 3:30 am to 5:00 am just kill me...

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