Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj

Bedhead rules!!

So I've been up for hours!!! but it's been filled with making pancakes and playing daddy.... well, "being" daddy and playing nintendo would be more accurate.... or helping Geo and Ed play nintendo... whatever... :)

It's time for a little me time... coffee is brewing and I'm grabbing the paper. :D

~ commando
~ ratty old black jeans...
~ yellow and blue shirt...
~ to get out of these clothes and into a shower...
~ shave and dress all over again... :)
~ go to Staples and buy a compact flash card USB reader...
~ mess around with the video camera and Adobe Premiere again...
~ that you knew catherine... shes what? 30 weeks pregg? I forget the number... but shes a beautiful woman to start with and now she's got that pregnant girl glow thing all wrapped up... go say hi wish her well. :D
~ the Hamilton girls would avoid drag racing with teens on the highway... you get in trouble that way...
~ for warm happy vibes to roll over my friend paperdoil... just cause she's precious.
~ that I get to see sweet lil'meaghan (dallandra before she boogies off to Estonia!!
~ for "drainage" to ease up for poor Frankenboobie girl... :D

Hey... I wanted to say hi to Jes... and another new friend, Andrea (thatthingido).

Ok... I gotta go be dad again... then maybe I'll get that coffee...:D

Peace out skaters...
Have a great Saturday. :D

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