Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en lj...

Well the people responsible for the weather can chew my bum! If it's not so boiling hot that peeps is just turning to puddles on the sidewalk, the sky is steel gray and it turns into a burrrr nip day. Anyone need any glass cut? It has all the earmarks of a big thunderstorm day.

My little boiz are getting bigger... Geo, for YEARS has awoken with a start every day at the sound of the shower and raced - teddy bear in hand - to the bathroom so he can sleep on the floor beside the shower wrapped in my housecoat... I don't even wear this housecoat anymore but it's a must have item specifically for his little bathroom floor naps. (he lays on one side of it and I have to wrap him in it just so... his little face inside an opening so he can peek out...). Now the point? He's getting so big now he has to curl up to keep from poking out the edges of the house coat...

~ my coffee on my shirt... thanks to the magic of a dribbl'en car cup...
~ gray hanes bb's
~ blue jeans (b.u.m.)
~ a white company golf shirt... (with a lovely coffee stain... must try and snag another shirt)
~ I loaned out dig video camera to a coworker who's just become a daddy... and tonight I'll transfer a his footage onto a vhs tape for him,
~ making more mods on my web site...
~ oh, and work.
~ that my buddy in PEI, the adorable ebean is not under two feet of water and hopefully has some power.... big big thunder storms ripped the Island last night...
~ that my friends continue to understand that I read read read read even though I don't necessarily have time to respond to everything... I love you guys and I wish I had more time to keep up. J

Note: Supertramp ("another mans woman") just makes me love the sound of a piano played well.

Note2: please tell me if those images are a pain in the ass... do they load killer slow even on your high speed connection?

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