Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj

Oh god did we ever wake up late this morning... the last thing I remember about going to bed was Z messing with the alarm clock (setting it too early!). So we cracked lids at 8:09. Not a good thing on a thursday... Z works thursdays and fridays... and the kids have to be shuffled off to my folks house. I didn't get here (work) till 9:30. go me.

~ freak'en shorts...
~ well, black ftls as well
~ v-neck p-z shirt...
~ actual work ... well, no. not billable work but work none the less!
~ dinner at my folks house...
~ to troll hard core for a solution to a sendmail problem, (still getting "may be forged IP" on my sendmail servers effort to relay from my moms house... she's using a Linksys router and "block wan requests" is disabled!!!)
~ that there is a vast amount of no-big-deal across the USA today as they celebrate their independence day.

"Private property is a crime"... this is a graffiti emblazoned on a wall at this house (in Ottawa) that was taken over by a group of G8 protesters... self described anarchists. The house was (is) privately owned but was not inhabited. The cops finally pepper-sprayed them to hell and back but their message still grates on my nerves. "private property is a crime"??? Nothing is more despicable then a bunch of privileged white kids with half an education and a stick rammed up their collective asses bitching about their own shitty upbringing and blaming society at large.
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