Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

more birthday action...

Happy Birthday Alex

mmmk... every so long ago I met a girl in lj ... she's a Vegas girl... and she is wrapped in nothing short of a full-on dramatic novel of a home life. Getting to know her has brought me nothing less than a very rewarding sense of friendship and lead me to a girl living in Minneapolis... This girl is so completely enveloped in artistic and creative talents that I was hooked hard to wanting to stay in touch. And FINALLY through her, I met several "hims". One important part of the Him parade was Alex.

Alex... kun ickzer became part of the "talent girl" story and has since moved away or at least to the edges of that story... Today is his birthday and while I'm sure he is elsewhere I wanted to say Hey and Happy Birthday to him. He is walking through those woods... woods you enter as the person you grow up being and leave as the person you will be for the rest of your life. He is in an interesting part of life and deserves to be cared about.

I hope you have a great year Alex... I hope you find new challenges that - in their achievement - bring you closer to feeling like you are in control of your destiny. Hope and expectation... these are the things that life is built on. Fill your boots and have a great day.

Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear alex... happy birthday to you!
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