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Morn'en... (still sweating)

mmk... so that's me a smiling and me giving away my inner demons!! The, errr, normal morning shot is here!

I got a call when I was halfway to work saying the AC was still cooked at work... but that they expect to have it fixed this morning.

~ well obviously the wrong stuff!!
~ gray fruit of the loom boxer briefs (ftls)
~ black golf shirt,
~ dk gray dress pants...
~ (I really should be in shorts and a white shirt... what was I thinking?)
~ to fucking pray that they fix the AC
~ there was an easy way to make the little problems in life stay little.

Deal with this... I'm sitting out back of our office at a picnic table in the shade before I go into the office. I'm writing the morning post on my hand-held. Sitting with me is the gentleman that owns and operates a couple of deli's downtown... most significantly the deli on the main floor of our old building. Our new office has a full-on cafeteria and this guy is catering our new office. His son has a summer job out of the deal... He's an old greek immigrant (the old guy, not the son) and we were just shooting the poop about his childhood in Toronto. He's getting ready to go and he needs to go inside to check on some stuff with his kid. When he gets up he leaves his cash float on the table, his wallet and his keys... It just reminds me how nice it is to trust.

OMG I laughed my ass off last night. I know it would never have happened but Katie making a skull pancake... you know that "wall treatment" thing with the sponge you dab in paint and "splotch" on the walls... I was just imagining that deal with the top of Katie's head on the white target below the bungie jumping crane... ar ar ar... yea, that's gross eh. Oh, and did you notice how hard Heather "snapped" when she bungied... head snapping back and forth... ouch!!! (I would love to do that, but I dunno about going backwards... I'd rather dive.

Before last nights show my order of "who is the mole?" was Bill, Heather, Dorothy. Now it's Heather, Dorothy, Bill. Heather picking a white woman for Dorothy's mom was kinda lame. And Dorothy is just killing me with her playing dumb shit... "I can't be the mole, I keep messing up the competitions." Er... ya right.
Ok, now just because diss'ing is what I do... did you notice the memory moment of Darwin when they were lamenting the loss of Katie (last nights victim) with his shirt off… I really like that guy (he looks, and acts like a really "good people" kinda guy) but he looked like some kind of Frankenstein'y'en dead thing in that shot.

*** Has anyone ever caught one of the "hidden clues"?????? I know about the one with the numbers at the bottom of the telegram several episodes ago (the numbers, when decoded with an alphabet lexicon (1 = a, 2 = b, etc.) it spelled out "Bill is the mole". But I'm not sure about other clues...
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