Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hot hot hot...

EDIT: OMFG - the AC in our office is busted... it's about 6 million degrees in here... no way... no way in hell this is going to work.

Ok... it's d-day. If all goes well today will just be a normal day at the office. I suspect that this will be the case but I have nagging doubts... having been a manager on various staff reductions... well it's just dodgy ya know?

ok quick rant. At what point will the people rise up and put the pencils responsible for the concept of "humidex" let alone "wind chill" up against the wall? Here's a quote from every local weather man this morning; "It's going up to 36 degrees today and with the humidex it'll feel like 47... that's hot!" Ok screw you. If it feels like 47 then it's 47. How farquing complicated is that? By the way, for my Celsius challenged friends south of the border... 47 is about 7 million degrees in American dollars. But seriously, anything over 40 is considered a "Heat Emergency".

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans (b.u.m. equip)
~ company golf shirt
~ plenty... well work at least...
~ start two projects (internal... not billable... waaaa!) net-shares & central reg.
~ watching The Mole II tonight!!
~ that I get no surprises at work today...

Apparently it's customary for Afghanis to shot guns in the air during wedding celebrations... now you might think if you were at war you might think twice about that... let alone if there were American jet fighters and bombers flying past. And don't get me started on the idea of shooting off anti aircraft guns from the reception area at the wedding... Bombing civilians... yahuh. It's bad enough that - for example - 24% of the American casualties of the Persian Gulf war were from friendly fire... don't ya think? Smart bombs... wohoo...
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