Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well now...

It's quite late... to have not yet begun the evening.

Me and my friend Splif just read a bunch of lj friends pages on the porch and now z and I will be
retiring for a watch of "Goseford Park" or however you spell that... mixed reviews but it's fine
regardless... a calm evening is just what the doc would prescribe if she could see my day. :)

So just a couple of notes... we had a grand time tonight, giving dinner to my folks, my brother,
his girlfriend, his wife and their two little kids... (Yes, you read that right) They are separated.

She made ... *brought the necessary parts and MADE on the spot* this delicious strawberry dessert.
Click the pic for a full on view...

My nephew, the older boy, is quite the little dude... and he's into this blue gel stuff. He had some
for a wedding my brother et. al. were in attendance at last night. So he trotted it out tonight.

This is George and cousine Jake.

We liked it so much, my bro, Geo, Ed and I all dolled up in the blue gel. This shot should be titled
"See corto mumble take the picture!! through a smile.</i>... we had some good fun with that.
Click it for a full view...

That would be Rob (my bro), Edward, Jake, Geo and corto....

We served plenty of bbq burgers, sausages, hotdogs, corn-on-the-cob, and peeps brought salad.
And we all ate till we were stuffed... (a sure sign of a good meal).

Ok... enough rambling. I hope you have a nice night...

congrats galebird on the big move... I have (honestly) waited so very long for
this moment to come to your very deserving little self (and yer little... like it or not). :)

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