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Well I raced (hahaha... well, it felt like it) home from work ... and found the boiz starting a Blues Clues tape. They were just home from the daycare. Z and I made plans for the evening, pizza and a movie and we executed those plans quite nicely.

Factor in a trip to the park... Ed on his first "two wheeler" (training wheels included) and Geo on his bike... little helmets that make their little heads look extra tiny), Mom on her bike and me on a skateboard.... sand, play structure and loads of other kids...

A bed time ritual of baths (de-sanding hair is the WORST), snack and Harry Potter.

Then it was us time. We rented A Beautiful Mind. Noting that I had heard almost nothing about this movie other than it was good and about a code breaker... I would like to point out that I my first "enemy" in life was a boy from camp that would - along with his friend Ken Write - pick on me and basically beat me up (little kid stuff) named John Nash. Then, when we moved in grade six... the new school included... John and Ken... oh joy. So yesterday, after 30 some-odd years, I see Ken Write on the street. Blech... then the movie is all about some guy named John Nash. hmmm..
coink-i-dink? yea ok.

A Beautiful Mind was a wonderful movie. The baby scare part had me pausing the movie in horror... btw... but, thankfully, it works out well... and that may be a spoiler but tough. It's a small part and I thought it was an unnecessary scare tactic. :)

~ the stuff I wear before a shower... sweats and sox.
~ to return the movie...
~ to put some fresh milk in my folks fridge... they come home from a trip down east today.
~ um... nothing special.
~ that I have a chance to catch up on lj... I saw absolutely nothing last night in lj... We passed out on the sofa after the movie...

See ya soon.
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