Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


just a couple of words...

Time to pack up and go home... in my new car... then turn around and drive back with Z and the boiz... to pic up my moms car (the one I drove in with this morning) and then I think it'll be diner somewhere with the family... maybe a chinese buffet... :)

It sure feels like a Friday... I guess I have a really nice Friday vibe.
~ Notes to self to do something nice for Friday to celebrate life being all kinds of good.

I just read through a thread in punquin's website message board (linked through gabbymoe's gazette) that runs the question "why would someone do this?" (have a personal web site with a 7/24 cam) up the flag pole... Now the issue at stephs really seemed to me to be more about what negative dip "bubbles" was being... but it throws the question out there. (as if it's anybodies business!)

But still ... it's more than just vanity or hedonism...which are admirable qualities when observed in reasonable proportions... It has a lot to do with the line of work... the quest for knowledge... and - my personal crusade - a subtext of addressing the issues of privacy in a world gone mad with Information Access...

It's an argument I just love...

Any ways... time to get... thanks again for the wonderful support today and all the warmth my friends have time to share. You guys just freaking rock!!

See ya later.
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