Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok time for a big happy Goof report...

As I listen to Ed (the 3 year old) singing at the kitchen table, happily cutting (with kiddie scissors!) otherwise useless legal size paper into an amazingly large number of amazingly small pieces - all of which I will be vacuuming up ... and George performs kung fu forms in front of the tv watching some Americanized Japanese import cartoon anime-wannabe, and my lil'Zebra sleeps soundly under the giant duvet... I bask in my own special glory. For today I am Mr. Man - or at least I have been dubbed "the man" by my friend Lizvang. Not a word of a lie, I am in a feel-good place. It is a groove station max in lj land (can you believe I actually put those last three words together... way goofy today) to be able to talk to your friends and help with stuff their going through or just buoy each others spirits and cast votes of confidence... but you (my friends) are all so distant and detached. Well except for Tala but she's kinda special. So any ways... last night I got to reach out and actually do something tangible for a friend and it made me feel ten feet tall.
Any ways... like I said at the start, this is a total goof report 'cause it's really no big shaking deal, but it is a nice feeling... (I guess I really outta get out more huh).

later lj.

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