Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en Lj

hmm well the sun is out and the protesters are converging... There is a big honking "G8 Summit" about 3000 miles away in Alberta starting tonight... so all the wing nuts and their uncles figured protesting in the Nations Capital would be a good thing to do. Most Government offices are closed, shops have plywood boards up and there are prol'y more cops on the street in downtown than there are average citizens. The fun never stops.

~ gray ftls.
~ new company golf shirt (issued for the golf game today...)
~ it's a swish swish day... mostly 'cause they "zzzzzip" off the legs to become shorts and because they dry in about 3 minutes... and Tut Tut... it looks like rain... actually, it looks like thunder storms :D
~ to organize my finances...
~ to spend several thousand dollars on a car...
~ to clean up my resume
~ go waste an afternoon golfing and spending money on clients so I can lose the golf game and wait 2 months for my expense pay-back... once again I say, the fun never stops.
~ you could imagine, in the deepest parts of your mind, how wonderful it is to have babyfatz on my team... she takes good care of her boy (me). :D
~ for happy, confident vibes to roll over my buddy Kimberly (kimberly27616)... she and Keith are so worth that bill!!!

I managed to go to bed at a good time, and I managed to not go to sleep for ages afterwards thanks to a whole bunch of loven in my house. I like waking up with a smile. Oh, and today is Georges last day of Grade One. He brought home a report card that reduced his mom and I to tears. He's had a really great year. I just love that his teachers appreciate him so much.

Ok... I have a bucket full of stuff to do today... so I'm off to do it... see ya when I can.

I was anticipating this episode of The Mole II all week... and it was sooo worth it. First of all... Heather, Bill, and Dorothy are neck and neck... well, maybe Heather's a little ahead... in my mind for the MOLE!

They played this game - and I'm not making this up, btw - where three of them had to do this relay race with a big honking gardengnome as the baton. Better still... each leg of the relay begins with the runner slathering the Gnome in grease. Picture a three-foot tall ceramic cleche gardengnome being buttered up good... I was howling as I imagine wolfiegirl watching this.

Ps. I'm glad Elavia took the bait and was bribed to dive from the show... I mean, 50,000 (20,000 after tax) has got to be better than losing next week. J

I want Darwin to win.

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