Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

just one more yawn.

I managed to get some new files posted to my web space... various and sundry but the main new bit is the main "gallery page". Somebody peek at it and see if it loads well (I always wonder about various "upload" speeds from my system).

Any ways, I hope you have a good night...

~ and that laurie enjoys getting naked.
~ and... that Kriss enjoys her schoolgirl giggles... and good luck with all that interview action... :)
~ oh, and that Kath enjoys this happy zone! :D
~ work it out with Leah!! too much history there... don't waste it.
~ mandelion is just the sweetest ... (all though I hope she wakes up with relief from that asthma.)

(sorry if you can't read all of those...)

Ok... must sleep now. :)
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