Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

birthday time...

Happy Birthday Sara!!

Sara... (alfabettezoupe) I only know a few Sara's in the world and all of them live in my memory with soft focus within and fuzzy edges... I dunno how to 'splain that... She is a remarkable journal find. :D

Believe me when I say... there is so much more to this woman than anything close to average... she is just amazing. So creative... so much style. And there is nothing but respect in my words. I had the very good fortune of getting to talk with Sara once and I'm glad I did... else I'd have wondered if she could really be ... well "be".

I hope you find yourself edging towards all your dreams desire this year and slipping away from the things that sting. Have a wonderful birthday Sara.

Happy Birthday Tom!!

Someone that found me... and I'm the better for the bargain. Thank you Tom (thomask) for being a Lj friend. I will not soon tire of your sense of humour and your friendship.

I hope you have a wonderful year and a fun birthday... may you find the opportunity to turn down jobs you would have killed for a year ago. :D

Happy Birthday Beth!

Smile... the world is at your finger tips. A recent grad and a wonderful woman... take a peek behind the scenes of this girl and you will see style... and the sort of creativity that makes me hope and pray I will find the change to stay in touch and see where life leads her... or better yet, where she leads life!

Happy birthday Beth... (xaheras) I hope you get every chance your heart desires to explore and understand.

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Sara, Tom and Beth... Happy Birthday to you.
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