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ok, after a day of doing the turn at the shoulder thing for all efforts to regard anything on my right side... (neck so seriously stiff and cramped I can hold a phone on that shoulder... you know what I mean?) I'm going to bed!! We watched "bob and rose" on bravo... it was good... :)

Now look'et! There are entirely far too many television news reporters saying "rectify" in live-on-the-scene interviews... it simply has to stop. Oh and the vagina monologues are coming to town... and, taking note, the "puppetry of the penis" is still playing at the NAC... I'm wondering if we're in for a showdown? Think anybody will be smoking after the shows?

A grapefruit... several grapes... a kiwi (yup, I caved and had another), two nectarines, a bowl of cherries, and some honeydew melon. I'm leaving a light on in the bathroom tonight.

And, to cap off a lovely weekend... I have a tan on my arms, neck and face (for me that amounts to a slight change from ghostly white to something that basically looks like it needs to be washed... and my torso, still relatively hairless btw, is as white as a sheet... All I need is a surfboard, a beach in California and I could have the crap kicked out of me in minutes. :D

WARNING: Tuesday night must watch TV. The show, "The Mole II" on at 8:00pm EST is featuring some kind of a race with GARDENGNOMES... and there is no way the symbolism will not be phenomenal... (Hi Nikki... I have several "appointments" in my calendars to remind me to remind you...)

Ok.. .enough. this prol'y won't post any ways... Good Night lj... sleep well... Tomorrow is the first day at the new office and I have no idea if we will have a network infrastructure that can support Internet connectivity so I'll see ya when I see ya... :)

later skaters...

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