Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


you cannot believe how messy my hair is right now... hot night, last night... kinda leaves yer hair clumpy.

The boys are playing with some "rub'em transfers"... you know those things? They have a sheet of "tropical fish", some white paper and two pencils to rub'em with .... they keep coming out with a chorus of "wowwwww" ... it's pretty cute. oh... they just presented me with the page... I told 'em to try putting fish in a Berstein Bears book...

~ ma 3WV tshirt...
~ before shower sweat pants...
~ a very large knot in my right shoulder...
~ well I was planning on being asleep right now...
~ but the kids had other ideas...
~ that Maggie ([Unknown LJ tag]'s dog) gets well ... well, her paw, right away...
~ and that my buddy the Garden Girl... wolfiegirl gets better (sore throat!!) way fast... I mean, Nikki? with a sore thoat? too sore to talk? (I'm worried the world may simply stop...)

Hellooooooo!!! Ethan Pictures... :)

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