Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


"holy..." this is Georges favorite way to sorta swear without swearing... he puts on this voice and says "holy..." and lets his voice trail off... No doubt he is imitating me when I'm frustrated and want desperately to say "holy fucking shit" but - of course - I kinda put a little effort into dropping the last two words...

I'm utterly cross eyed tiered... and doing my level best to not get frustrated... but I mean, geeez... Geo has a habit of wanting a toy for no other earthly reason than the knowledge that Edward wants it. You know what I mean... and it's so hard to deal with. *growly me*

~ a bit of a frown but I'll have a shower and fix that...
~ sweat pants and a lil'T
~ to wake up z in a bit and get myself off to some test drives without any little kiddlettes in tow.
~ I'm kinda leaning toward the Honda at this point...
~ right now? nothing really... I mean, I wanna see a picture of ethan (Hi Amy!) and I wanna be back in bed...
~ but neither of these things are going to happen this morning... :)

We watched The Mothman Prophecies last night... nice and late (hence, sleeepy me) and it managed to give me the willies... :)

oh and "house fly" season is upon us... Ok... time to go play with the kids and keep their little brains active in something besides driving each other crazy... see ya.

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