Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Is that how you spell that? You know ... the thing you say when you want a horse to stop? ok... stop! there are too many jokes about "how do you make a horse stop" and it's too early in the day for that... :D (snicker)

It's Friday... car shopping day... it's a day filled with Ed again. :D I get so freaking testy with BOTH kids at home when I'm stressing about something (in this case... the car thing) but with one? I had a lot of fun with Ed yesterday. We'll see how today goes.

~ gray... no pic today. :D (been saving those for "evening wear" hahaha)
~ jeans and a screaming bright orange shirt - which, btw, is always in silent honour of my pal ly
~ to test drive a calelier, civic, an escort and a saturn... busy day visiting these used car salesmen. Do ya think I might be ready to kill something by the time I'm done?
~ to wake Angela up in her hotel room by phoning her and pestering her in about 10 minutes... hahaha...
~ I had a better capability to beat back certain social demons... it's really very goofy how I end up letting myself feel when there is really nothing wrong.
~ that all goes well for topazgrrl today... (still no baby but there's no rush! :D)

ok... more for later... :)

See ya.
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