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Ok mini bitch time...
I'm with a new company since last Feb and they are taking way good care of corto. Making me happy and letting me do cool work. Good pay etc. This is the first Christmas with the company. There is a company christmas dinner next friday, you know the drill, dinner, drinks and dancing... nice location... yadda yadda ... So where will Z be? At a 10 year old neices recital from dance class that is doing "the Nutcracker"... she'd rather do that... OK, she had the ticket to the nutcraker deal a month ago, but that's only cause the dance class flog's em early. I was slated to babysit while she went there until we realized the staff christmas party was on the same night... This sux. I'm thinking that I've got to figure out how to get to the party and arrange for Z to come after the nutcracker... (and yes, i do want some cheese with this whine).
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