Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en Lj...

(that's "fresh out of the shower" and "after the morning rituals" btw)

(edit: hahaha... ok... really, I shaved, messed with my hair and everythin... although it just looks like I tossed on a shirt. :D)

Cool cat looking for his kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city.

It's a sunny day and it's going to be nothing but hot... hot... hot... today.
A good day for a car ride with plenty of A/C.

Woke up to pack Z and Geo off to work and school.... Geo all smelling like grape sunscreen... Z all smelling delicious... :) and now it's time for coffee, a newspaper and a little Edward play time before he and I head off to look at cars.

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans
~ v-neck p-z shirt...
~ comfy white sox!
~ a busy day indeed...
~ car shopping this morning...
~ lunch with Ed and then it's off to Edwards school for his Preschool Graduation party.
~ loads of digital pics and smiling mommies... and a daddy or two...
~ tonight? no plans...
~ that my pals Kristy and Lydia are having a bang up time in vegas...
~ that lj service wasn't suck'en so hard...
~ for a happy day today with my friend topazgrrl... her due date was yesterday!!!! Alas, that boy is still inside... but maybe... just maybe today will be the big day!
~ that today is nothing but sunshine in the world of my precious friend kimberly27616.
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