Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yea... so?

Hmm... my work is cut out for me today... I need to do a little mood management and shake a funk that managed to find me while I slept.

Oh, and Starwars, Lego Style:

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... blue p-z t...
~ talk about yer casual Wednesday! (:D)
~ to pack my office.
~ troll online for a car
~ make a zillion phone calls about cars...
~ I didn't have to buy a car...
~ I had a really good nail file with me...

Listen... you know those stupid little "quizz" things that so many of you do? I've been waiting for this to happen and it finally did. A few of my friends were burned yesterday but this problem...

You see the quizz thing requires that, after you answer the twenty questions or whatever, you cut and paste the resulting code fragment into your journal.

Bingo, you have a fancy little graphic of what character you are from a movie or what color you are or whatever.... and a link to the quizz itself. The problem is that all someone has to do is hack the site that hosts the linked images referenced by the code fragment and boom! everybody with that code now has some other graphic in their journal. In this case the image of the little crayon guy from the "what color am I?" quizz was replaced with a remarkably disgusting sick-porn picture.
Repeat after me: little quizzies bad! little quizzies bad...
Now then, little testies... hmmm...

The Mole;
Ok, I'm really thinking that Dorothy is the Mole. She just sucks too badly at so many things and when she couldn't ride a bike for shit it just tore it open for me. I don't care what kind of an intellectual you are... If you're an american, 115 lb, 20 something... you can ride a bike.

Second choice is Bill, mostly because he's such a character... did you see his hair last night during the execution? I think all the guys tried to do a little "honor Rob" hair thing, but the other guys are fucking bald so it didn't really get noticed.

Seeing Katie voted up as the least liked player would have been the stuff of classic reality television. Can you imagine the melt down? And if she had been... she wouldn't have taken the exemption... she would have bailed for 5000. (looser).

Now Elavia? Far to Vanity Fair for anything... she bugs me just by looking at the camera! I guess it was no surprise that she managed to win "least liked" kudos.

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