Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well they're having a "fire sale" at work... dumping old computer equip. It's kind of a silent auction.

so a 200 mhz system with a 2 gig drive, monitor mouse, ram, keyboard... all the bits... for what? I bid 45$ to see if I get one... Makes a great christmas prezzi to one of my not-so-well-off buddies... :)

Oh... I have been struggling with a html, java script thing all day... and I finally figured it out... so I'm all kinda happy schmappy about it... I know, no biggy, but it makes me smile... :)

The MOLE is on tonight...

Time for Webster:

Unforgivable Lj Crime: Misusing the trust of an Lj friend. I'm just say'en... it's not nice to mess with mother nature... and it's a huge fucking mistake to mess with me or my friends.*

* oooooo sounds all tough like... :) hahaha... I really suck at bristling. But even the smallest mouse can give you the finger. Don't ask me about this...
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