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Yo! Man I had the baddest freaki'est dream this morning... I say this morning cause it was one of those "wake up to the alarm, smash-the-crap-out-of-the-alarm, fall back to sleep and D*R*E*A*M... dream of being awake and going to work."

gets very weird. But bottom line I was totally in this zone thinking I was awake and living life... then the weird shit started coming down... Documents to sign for the 'pending surgery' - seems I'd forgotten to book time off for this surgery to remove a section of my jaw (cannot for the life of me find a relevant aspect of that) and I was all worried because they had to totally open my face (way yuck, I know) although I was all happy that, well at least I'll have been off smokes for a while and there wont be big craving issues during recovery..." Ok, so I can't do justice to this, but it all started getting tied up in work issues and the SNAP! I wake up and it's like 7:46.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm supposed to be up at 6:30.

Any ways, I have a stupid busy day (fridays usually are a gas with general relaxation... but not today). I'll be back (using my 'badass*' arnold voice... )

* Lesslyn, in all my life, never, ever, ever has the word badass been used in a personal context... I just about blew coffee out my nose when I read that comment about the picture... haX100 "Badass" too funny. Like I should be do'en arms crossed chorus singen in the background of a LA Rap band wearing a solid gold blazer... haX12...

Oh yea

Happy Birthday Tracy

although you're not here very often (and I miss you). I hope you are well and that you have some real peace today...
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