Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj.

Yup... still pretty uninspired with the same-ol-same-ol pictures... but inspiration will come. Change always has a habit of sneaking up on ya.

These two older Chinese ladies get on this bus (the last bus) each morning and sit across the buss from one another - both on window seats - and talk, loud. They babble on to each other in a hard core Chinese dialect. You cannot help but hear them all over the bus. Depending on how tolerant I'm feeling this either seems funny or drives me right-round-the-bend.

~ black ftls
~ dk gray / blue dress pants
~ company golf shirt
~ and my feet are in heaven via the most comfortable pair of hush puppies ever... (reminding self to snap a pic of this shoes....)
~ ug. basically a lot of pre-sales stuff going on at work... we (my team) are specialists with a bunch of enterprise management products and deliver something called ITIL framed "solutions". So presales work is customizing a solution for someone... not really building it, but spec'ing it all out and presenting them with the first 5% of the project and talking about the other 95%. The trouble is, that first 5% is usually the trickiest part.
~ Kat and Leopold tonight...
~ that people who read me but have never friend'ed me or commented would just comment already! Just say hi... I think I'll enable anonymous comments again for a while...
~ for a little good luck to land on Deb's door, (I hope the interview goes well nordicgrrl!!
~ and to send out a little belated - but not too late! - congrats to Nic (galebird) on the whole "getting your own place" deal with da'boy. This is a wonderful bit of news from my point of view, having been such a long time reader of your journal… I know this will be a fantastic stage in your life. (and screw the people that recommend you go at any pace other than your own!!)

I had an absolutely evil night. Indigestion so bad my jaw was actually hurting (along with the rest of the parts that hurt from indigestion)... it started at the end of the movie and then faded thanks to Diavol, but I was up several times in the night just feeling terrible... yuck. I think it's cashews. Too many indigestion episodes on the heels of munching down a small handful of cashews... me-thinks this is spelling the end of my love for those nuts. I wonder how Macadamia nuts would be?

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