Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

dad's day...

hmmm... long sigh... a happy sigh, btw.

Today has been a wonderful day. A good sleep, and a relaxing day with the kidderoo's, playing games, and doing odd stuff about the house. :D

I've rented a couple of movies... Novocaine (sp?) - a steve martin comedy for me and for tomorrow night? Kate and Leopold - Which is essentially porn for my sugar Z... Hughe Jackman riding a horse? Well one can only hope he does so with his shirt off to maximize the effect... and besides, Meg Ryan is in it. Something about her, a school girl uniform, a bowl of frozen cherries and a riding crop, but that's another story. Yes tomorrow night is Kate and Leo night.

Tonight is still in the making. The kids bath is running and Harry Potter awaits on Geo's bedside table with a book mark that is itching to move up a chapter.


oh and I have a box of Russell Stover Cherry Blimps to dive into... repeat after me... YUM!

question: Has anyone seen the movie "hole" with Thora Birtch? Was it any good? and what's with the movie Thirteen Ghosts... is it any good?

see ya!

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