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I got fresh crack! :D

mmk, so we went to bed late, but not that late! Now the thing is actually getting up in the morning. Something we just didn't do a very good job of today. :D Talk about speeding around in a morning frenzy.

So listen, you can't believe how many of my friends are preggers right now... I am, honestly, trying to keep track of due dates for a almost a dozen babies... believe me when I tell you this is probably one of the most amazing miracles in my world... I am so grateful that you have let me into your lives. I find myself excited and worried about a mommy-to-be several times a day. (you realize this is a good thing to me, right?)

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans... b.u.m. equip.
~ new p-z short sleeve... :D
~ to find time to gab with my fav camgirl!! (snicker)
~ yikes! I have a busy day planned... well, busy for a friday... again with the almost there (mentally speaking) clients, and then keying a few résumé's on my team to some bid proposals that we have a line on... :D
~ maybe watch Bicentennial Man tonight... we've never seen it and my parents loaded us the tape.
~ to send out a little congrats to suprafixx,... er... the Wings won so he's on his way... no boyfriend kicking required! :D
~ Ok, I haven't got to work yet to check, but when I went to be topazgrrl was having irregular, 12 minute apart contractions... in the world of make'en-babys... anything could have happened between then and now, so I'm sending every good vibe I can grab to Amy and wishing that, if today's the day, all is well with you, your baby and of course your bundle of nerves husband!
~ oh and also, for catherine... I hope very much that I read today about everything being ok with you sugar... I'm sure it is, but it would be a relief to know.

pssst. for my friend wizbang, I wanted to tell her that I hope all is well and that she's in my thoughts.
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