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drip drip drip...

Well it's a gray and rainy morning... but the sun is shining in my universe so I'm not too concerned about something as mundane as the weather. I had a really great day yesterday... good work day, (actually got stuff done beside the gun battles) and a great evening that turned into a wonderful night... I slept with such a great vibe rushing through me... sorry, it's hard to explain.

Edit: just got to work... scratch the "rainy day" thing... replace with torrential downpour day...

~ black ftls again... but a dif pair, promise!
~ blue jeans, maroon T and a company golf shirt...
~ dem big ass shoes and a rain jacket!
~ another busy day...
~ I have a client - a gov dept - that is so amazingly dim it just boggles my mind, and today I have to zing over to their offices to hassle them into getting a job they asked for - paid top dollar for - done... it's almost pathetic.
~ The Mole is on tonight.... :D
~ that my friend luscious_babe is safe... and that she is able to find some peace in her heart after making such lofty decisions... (It's sounding a whole lot like a good decision sugar) - but I doubt you'll see this message after he trashed your computer...
~ to make a big smoochen welcome to a new friend gigibug!!!
~ for a little deltoid relaxation ... er, rhomboid? Altoide? brother got's some sore Oids Well which ever muscles are still sore... I hope my buddy allyn is ok and that he and his main squeeze, (the incredible rivet can work out the knots. :)
~ um... I'm just say'en... Going to hockey games is fun, but it's gotta be hard to watch yer team lose a Playoff Game. kimberly27616!!! It ain't over till the she's singing... and she doesn't get to sing yet!

Ok listen, do you watch The Mole?

I read a story today about that Telegram the group received last week... with the taunting information theatrically sent by the Mole. Remember the numbers at the bottom? Apparently they spell out the statement The mole is Bill. Now, I'm just say'en here that this is exactly the sort of thing that they did on this show in both the last two runs... total, intentional misdirection. So expect Bill to be tossed tonight or next week and leave us guessing... :D

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