Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

A little Lj Birthday business...

Happy Birthday Caren!!


oh geez... mmmk, I met her from, through, I dunno... but I do remember the first lj conversation we had and then jumping into MSN and playing 5 questions with her... somehow she got way under my skin (in a good way) right from the get go...

It's Carens birthday and you have got to know that she is a such wonderful bundle of love. No really... she has a story in her life that just makes me swoon with the knowledge that she is such a survivor... such a warm and loving young woman. Her main squeeze is one lucky duck but from her many words on that topic, I have to say that he seems like one hell of an upstanding guy... I am so very happy that a good man is there to share such a great girls feelings. :)

I sincerely hope you have a grand day... and my wishes?
Easy beans sugar;
~ May you find something that brings you sweet memories,
~ May your lover touch your heart in a new and unforgettable way,
~ May you find your friends to be deeper and more loving than ever before.
~ I hope something sweet finds your lips, and someone sweeter hugs your hips. *

* (rhymes totally unintentional!)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday sweet Caren... Happy Birthday to you!

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