Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Have you downloaded your journal lately?
Just a note to remind you that you'll miss it if it disappears and you outta grab it every week or so...
I mean I hate to doom and gloom, but when I think about something crummy happening... well it'd just be a big fat drag that's all.
Go to the FAQ and look for the question about 'can I download my journal'... it's all 'splained there.
p-freaking-s: try as I might I just cannot get my hat on this morning ... must be this BIG FUCKING head I have here! you guys turn me to mush.... thanks for all the nice stuff ... feel free to be all nasty today in an effort to ensure my feet get back on the earth... hehehe
Dream: I had this way weird dream. It was nothing fancy but - any ways - you know how I tend to type 'hehehe' or 'hahaha' or 'lolololo' or whatever... So I actually had a dream that I was being bombarded with emails criticizing the use of the multiple letters and strongly stated advice that I should just use a multiplication indicator like '3 x he' instead of 'hehehe' ... Now, I know this is too stupid for words, but, like always, I just wanted to share.
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