Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So I take the cat to the vet... two shots, a pill, a half a pill and a bunch of kitty tests... and she sits there like a lump for the whole thing... including the thermometer... I can't get her to sit still at home long enough to recite the alphabet... (er, that's me reciting the alphabet... I mean if it was her, then I clearly would not be giving my alphabet reciting cat to my brother).

Any ways she's healthy... and, as always, shed about eleven-hundred-million hairs... It's like, when you put the cat in the car, she just up and EXPLODES fur everywhere... blech.

Oh and I did some garden watering, window washing, kid-playing-with stuff after dinner and came across a strange phenomenon... our garden table... well, our deck table, whatever - the round one with an umbrella (which is not "up" as umbrellas are want to be) has been the subject of Alfred Hitchcock like attacks by some kind of bird. No really... there were like 40 solid guano strikes on the smallish table and a few dozen more around it on the deck... yet the rest of the deck remains bird-poop free... What the hell???? I have horrible visions of birds playing some kind of "target practice" game at night or in the morning...

and shooting birds is far from legal around here.

Ok... time to drag the boys out of the bath and get 'em in bed... time to read another chapter of Harry Potter... :)

L8er Sk8ers... :D

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