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go ahead, honk just once more... go ahead.

I saw a television commercial last night that really stuck with me. It's for some game console, it's that 'crash bandico' (or something) and it has to do with some guy honking his horn ... ultimately the 'crash' character is in a full body TANK pointing the 20 millimeter (I'm just guessing there!) cannon directly at the guy in the car behind him and he's yelling "Go on, Honk again... come on ... Just once more.. I'm waiting..."
:: Ames (paperdoil) is just not up to super snuff tonight and I wanted to make big deal out of saying that I for one am wishing her major super good-times-rolling positive vibes. Look forward not back and remember that love finds a way... it just does!
:: Ok, seriously now, i'll stop. it's just that I posted a totally goofy pic of me last night (something I never EVER thought I'd do here in lj land... ) then I just posted a pic that proves I'm a dolt. So I'll post just one more that at least does not look pathetic (can you tell I have issues when it comes to pictures?)
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